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The story of the creation of a fashion empire by Valentin Yudashkin. From designer clothing to valentin yudashkin faberlik. How Hollywood of the 30s is connected with the name of Valentin Yudashkin. Conversation with the producer of retro fashion shows art-deco Oleg Lebedev-Bovolsky.

The variety of events in the life of the world-famous Russian fashion designer is comparable only to the number of his ideas about the style of clothing.

However, despite the shocking models of dresses and the almost completed scandal with the military uniform, the master always remained true to himself and his values, atypical for a person of such magnitude. But about everything in order.

Valentin Abramovich Yudashkin is the only Russian haute couture designer to be awarded a corresponding member of the Paris Syndicate.

In an interview, the fashion designer admitted that the beginning of his career is associated with a trip and a victory in France. Paco Rabanne, the famous French fashion designer, inspired, according to Valentine, then at the Moscow fashion Week.

Biography. Childhood and youth

Russian Pierre Cardin, so called Valentine for the scale and boldness of ideas that were manifested in childhood.

The future conqueror of the model Olympus was born in 1963 in the Moscow region. An ordinary Soviet family, in which the boy loves to draw and does not let go of the pencil from morning to night. We must pay tribute to the parents who supplied their son with pencils, paints and albums at that time.

In adolescence, the plots change dramatically, and the young man carefully displays sketches of clothes on paper. The change in creativity worried the parents, because they were sure that a man should not engage in work that is more suitable for women. What are the prospects of a guy in this profession, how will people treat him, will he be able to become a prosperous and respected person?

But despite these fears, after school, the son decides to enter the department of clothing modeling of the Moscow Industrial Technical School. There are only girls in the group, but the persistent student was not confused by this circumstance.

From the first year, a young man is called up to the army, and training has to be interrupted for military service. In an interview with the magazine "7 days" Yudashkin said: "I served in the secret forces, still have no right to say in which…" After returning to school, Valentin graduated with honors from the technical school and defended his diploma in makeup and costume history.

The talents of the people were in demand, and the young specialist was assigned to the Ministry of Consumer Services as a senior artist. At that time, this appointment was associated with three areas at once: stylist, make-up artist and fashion designer.

It was an impressive amount of work, and Valentin is just famous for his responsible attitude to any business that he took on, so he often worked without breaks and almost around the clock.

Early career

The beginning of his career was laid on the show at the hotel "Orlyonok" in 1987. His debut collection then brings the aspiring fashion designer fame throughout the Soviet Union.

A year later, the designer registers the company "Vali-Fashion". The salary was not enough, so for the sake of their own business, the family makes sacrifices: Valentin sells his favorite car "Zhiguli", and his wife-the only fur coat.

fashion show by Valentin Yudashkin

From the personal archive of Oleg Lebedev-Bovolsky
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The purposeful fashion designer was appreciated and invited to the French capital. Paris made an indelible impression, striking a variety of shapes, colors and textures on the novice master. The trip brought him planetary fame.

After the show in Paris (1991), the name of Yudashkin from Russia and his collection "Faberge" thundered all over the world. Well-versed in the development of modern fashion, the audience paid tribute to the style of Easter egg dresses from Valentin Yudashkin.

Since then, it is in France that Yudashkin annually presents his collections, among which were "Anna Karenina", "Ballet", "End of the Century"," Catherine II", and others.

The title of corresponding member of the Paris Haute Couture Syndicate gave Valentin Abramovich the right to open his own fashion house in Moscow. The master's design fantasies began to spread beyond clothing. Moscow boutiques were filled with jewelry, glasses (or rather, frames for them), interior items and even dishes of the famous Russian brand valentin yudashkin.


A significant role in the promotion of Valentine's career was played by the location of the wife of the first president of the USSR, Raisa Gorbacheva, who highly valued the image, and in suits from Yudashkin, the first lady went out flawlessly and beautifully dressed.

By 2005, the already famous designer Valentin Yudashkin for his great services to the Fatherland and contribution to the development of fashion, became the owner of a huge number of various awards and the title of People's Artist of Russia.

Annual shows of new collections began to take place both in Moscow and in Paris, and some of the designer's dresses were exhibited in the Louvre in Paris and in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The designer's costumes were loved by famous compatriots: Svetlana Medvedeva, singer Glucose and Olga Slutskerno.

fashion show by Valentin Yudashkin

From the personal archive of Oleg Lebedev-Bovolsky
The photo is protected by rights.
Only with the permission of the journal.

In 2016, one of the greatest perfumers, the famous Maurice Roussel, dedicated his new perfume to the recognized fashion designer, Faberlic by Valentin Yudashkin Gold. This fragrance instantly fell in love with fashionistas for its floral-powdery notes.

Then in 2017, together with Faberlik, a fragrance for men and a new designer line Faberlic By Valentin Yudashkin were added, and soon, together with the La Maison brand, the fashion designer released fragrances for the home, and Einar Italia created fashionable eyeglass frames with Yudashkin.

Fashion for the Russian military

There was also a case of not quite successful cooperation, which almost turned into a scandal and loss of reputation for the fashion designer.

The Ministry of Defense in 2008 instructed couturier Yudashkin to create a new military uniform. Valentin approached the task with all his usual scrupulousness: he studied the history of military costume, analyzed innovative materials, consulted with officers about the convenience of the location of pockets, etc.

The result was liked by both civilian connoisseurs of the "military" style and the military personnel themselves. However, after 2 years it became known that more than 150 soldiers were hospitalized with hypothermia, it was additionally reported that they were "in the form of Yudashkin".

The trial did not last long: it turned out that the author's project was grossly violated during sewing, for example: high-quality insulation was replaced with cheap analogues of sintepon in order to save money.

Fashion from Yudashkin in our days

The famous couturier is now at the head of a self-created empire that guarantees the quality of each unit of its products, whether it is a dress, eyeglass frame, perfume or faberlic jewelry.

The world-famous brand Valentin Yudashkin produces haute couture and prêt-a-porte outfits, but the master does not limit his creativity and continues to cooperate with domestic and foreign companies.

To this day, from Russia, only one fashion show from Valentin Yudashkin is included in the program of Paris Fashion Week. In his works, the master uses Russian motifs, thereby promoting national traditions and culture around the world.

Despite his fame and high position in society, Valentine's acquaintances speak of him as a real introvert who prefers family dinner to social events.