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American dream in Russia — Russian dream in America

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Our beloved blue planet consists of beautiful Islands floating in the World's Oceans. Continents. The largest of them are two: Russia and America. Separated by the ocean on different sides of the Earth, they are like Yang and Yin, doomed to resist and simultaneously coexist in a harmonious balance to each other. With no direct ground contact, people on one side of the planet dream of the one on the other, the opposite side of the Planet.

For us Russians, mysterious America sparkles with glass walls of skyscrapers, long limousines, capitalist chic and endless opportunities presented to us from childhood by American cinema. What about America? What does she dream of? Dreams of Russia. Mysterious, snow-covered Russia, rich in mineral resources, sparkling palaces, gold domes of magical temples, fairy-tale ballet, as well as its deep history and culture, on which they, Americans, also grow and are imbued, as we are imbued with American cinema.

The time has come, and the new York Intercontinental magazine about high fashion ANASTASIA was born. Born not from the capitalist pocket of the American bourgeoisie, as fashion magazines were usually born in America, but from the hot Russian heart of a brave girl from Russia who went for the American dream of great opportunities. I was born thanks to another dream — the American dream of Russia.

Why ANASTASIA? This is a manifestation of the Russian dream in America. This is a legend that has absorbed the whole spectrum of feelings and fantasies about a distant Great state, in which a kind and noble Tsar-Emperor ruled. The incredible luxury of Palace balls, snow-covered forests and.... a Princess. A little girl. The king's daughter. All Americans know Anastasia. From the youngest to adults and old.

Anastasia (Russian Anastasia, the last, youngest daughter of Nicholas II) — the pure and noble. Like a true Princess, she remembers her roots (and this, mind you, is symbolic!), and realizes its purpose.

ANASTASIA — new York
Intercontinental magazine about high fashion

"Fashion has no borders" — this is the motto of the Intercontinental edition, based in one of the main cities of the world of fashion — new York.

The magazine is dedicated to fashion, beauty, art, culture, modeling and many other aspects of life and creativity of people on different continents.

The publication is attended not only by famous representatives of these areas of self-realization, but also by those who are just beginning their journey to the Olympus of art. The magazine aims to reveal the creative potential of both, as well as to convey to the reader the diversity and breadth of the international fashion space. This space is unified, attractive, catchy and has no language or cultural barriers.