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If clothing was originally born for functional use, then accessories were born immediately as fashion. When accessories started their story, it's hard to even imagine. Here we will talk about the origins of national jewelry, their style and influence on the modern subculture. We will share historical details about the emergence of fashion for a particular accessory.

We will introduce you to the world's fashion trends and brands in accessories. We will tell you about the leading couturiers, talented designers, authors of unique bags, gloves and purses. We will introduce you to the creators of beads and jewelry. Let's talk about new products in the world of accessories and trends in the preferences of fashionistas.

jewelry made of beads of the peoples of the north

The secret of the history of beaded jewelry of the peoples of the North. What do the colors and ornaments of the traditional culture of the Khants hide and why they are so valued among cultural experts. Elegant needlework, beading, and necklace weaving. As a hobby turned into a direction of jewelry art. What stylists advise to combine beads with and what does quarantine have to do with it.

Rating of American manufacturers of genuine leather bags for 2020. What today Express the famous accessories: backpacks, briefcases, postmen and cosmetic bags, performed by the best manufacturers. How an American brand dictates high fashion.