Famous foreign and Russian fashion designers


All about designers from the USA and Russia. News from presentations, shows and podiums around the world. Interviews of famous fashion designers. Our experts talk about styles and trends in modern American and Russian fashion. Current trends in the global fashion industry and modern trends in men's and women's fashion.

Dovile Riebschlager

High fashion Magazine "ANASTASIA" interviewed designer Deauville from the USA and held exclusive photo projects to draw attention to famous brands "american style". Premium clothing, evening dresses in American style from the famous designer "Fashion Week 2020".

Mariia Pashuk is not only a designer

New York fashion magazine "ANASTASIA" on the example of youth clothing designer Maria Pashuk reveals the current trends in popular styles today, the article raises the question of what clothes are preferred by new Yorkers who are interested in high fashion.

Jennifer Felts,  a designer from Indiana

Jennifer Felts is an Indiana-based designer who created her Tokyo Twiggy style. Using the Japanese archetype of style types, American designer Jennifer found a unique style solution.