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There are a lot of events happening in the fashion world. It's hard to keep track of all the latest news when there are so many interesting things at the same time! ANASTASIA magazine is invited to partner events and interesting fashion shows in Russia and America. It is not always possible to cover all these events at once, but in the history of this section, follow the news feed, it will be updated continuously.

The photoshoot "The Floral Nymph" is a creative photo art which is dedicated to the story of Mermaid who got her legs and went ashore. Inspired by the fantastic nature, that awaits her on the land, she weaves a wreath of the beautiful flowers.

Photo shoot Modern Mary Poppins

The photo session "Contemporary Mary Poppins" is an allusion to the heroine of the novel in the modern realities. The jewelry pieces from the "She She's Closet" store and the designer shoes, imitating snakeskin, by the New York eco-friendly shoe brand "Teresa Costa Collection" were introduced in this shoot.

Иммерсивный вечер от «Императорского клуба»

An immersive evening from the "Imperial Club", the author and founder of which is Yulia Zhelvakova-the founder of the "Mama Award" and "Family of the Year" was held in the Lehman mansion on Granatny Lane on January 30.