Archetypes in Japanese-style clothing by Jennifer Felts
Jennifer Felts,  a designer from Indiana

Jennifer Felts is an Indiana-based designer who created her Tokyo Twiggy style. Using the Japanese archetype of style types, American designer Jennifer found a unique style solution.

If we go into the essence of Japanese aesthetics in detail, we will see that it is a certain set of historically formed ideals, which include a strict, almost severe style - wabi, the fading beauty of natural patina - Sabi, the beauty inherent in the very nature of the material - shibui and refined mystery - Yugen.

Jennifer Felts - designer from Indiana, author of the brand «Tokyo Twiggy»
high fashion Magazine «ANASTASIA»

The popularity of the Japanese style in Europe and America began to be traced after the modern Japanese style added to its traditional ideals the cultural values of other countries. Thanks to this aesthetic Association, which took place in the modern land of the rising sun, the American fashion line of clothing «Tokyo Twiggy» appeared. Designer Jennifer Felts, the Creator of the brand, is a true Creator of the canonical archetypes of high fashion, who was inspired by Japanese aesthetics, her calligraphy and graffiti. If you look at the collection as a whole, it is so original and modern that it would be suitable for an anime character.

The Intercontinental new York magazine about high fashion ANASTASIA conducted its creative investigation of the issue of cultural fusion of Japanese aesthetics with European traditions on the example of «Tokyo Twiggy». Anastasia Lee, producer and chief creative officer of the magazine, spoke with the brand's author (read the first issue of the magazine, which is themed around new York fashion), and the new York team of the magazine organized a photo and video project in which they allowed themselves to combine designer bags and shoes of two other American designers in one image created by Jennifer's clothes.

modern Japanese style

It was important to find out what are the basic differences between the traditional idea of Japanese aesthetics and a new level of modern presentation of images, in which familiar things turn into creative fashion. The goal was not only to objectively present the harmonious entry of Japanese style into American fashion, but also to determine how the aesthetics of the centuries-old culture of the Eastern country influenced the philosophy of American clothing.

And so, in order to determine the character of clothing that the «Tokyo Twiggy» brand relies on, the magazine highlighted the distinctive features of Japanese culture, which are more like a philosopher's treatise than just an artistic flight of fancy.

In the wardrobe of the Japanese sage «Tokyo Twiggy», all four aesthetic components were revealed: wabi, Sabi, shibui and Yugen. The main hypothesis put forward by the magazine, in relation to every detail and the collection as a whole, is that the classics of Japanese ideals have been slightly transformed into the world of modern anime types or into images from the life of a girl in a fashionable youth series.

The beauty of Wabi is the absence of pathos, minimalism and functionality. This wise abstinence is aesthetically merged in the details of the collection with strict practicality, for example, Euro-American texture. Women's collection of Jennifer, contains a lot of interesting details, such as extravagant «buttons» on the vest with a very functional value. Each item of the wardrobe is combined with any other from the collection in a different interpretation, while creating a new image. Wabi combines art with everyday life, so the clothing line of the brand «Tokyo Twiggy»; the business world of modern people has joined the archetype of the magician and sage with his philosophy of clothing.

The beauty of Sabi is an easy, elusive calmness, the beauty is «in the flaws»

«Tokyo Twiggy» Jennifer Phelps was the intersection of American comfort and Japanese aesthetics. «American fashion», says Jennifer, «prefers comfort, but lacks originality. I think European fashion has more originality, but it lacks comfort. I love having both».

the whole palette of Sabir philosophy

In the almost deliberate «clumsiness» of her design masterpieces, the entire palette of Sabi's philosophy was expressed, demonstrating the play of decorative textures and color solutions.

Shibui is something beautiful in its essence, like a Cup for Japanese tea, characterized by the natural structure and beauty of clay. The solid leather skirt has virtually no seams. It is able to complement many combinations of clothing collection Jennifer. The natural structure of the skirt, which is typical of Shibuya, is rigid and deliberately asymmetric, evokes reverent respect for yourself as an independent accessory.

Yugen is a mysterious aesthetic phenomenon. A hint, an irrational understanding of what a person feels. A certain unspoken word of the artist of Japan, as in the national tradition of the kimono-clothing that hides the form-arouses interest in the unsaid. In Tokyo, Twiggy dugen displayed the visual codes in a very modern way, in unspoken stockings, half-shorts, sweatshirts and the like, revealing the designer Jennifer as the Creator of aesthetics and high-tech.

According to Jennifer herself ,The main idea of the brand is to produce stylish and comfortable clothing with unique textile prints. «I create textiles with my own hands and draw inspiration from the fields of culture, art and nature,» the designer admits.

It's time to take stock.

Developed area of creative space by American designer Jennifer Felts, Japanese style, declares itself as an independent direction in the ocean of design thought and carries both a glorious historical and fashionable modern style and the entire palette of these archetypes.

Japanese style, declares itself as an independent direction

Does the Creator of the Tokyo Twiggy brand consider himself a new York style designer? To this question, Jennifer replied: «new York is a melting pot of cultures and fashion trends. In new York, you can observe many different styles that are not typical of the rest of the United States. And that's fine. Here you can find anything for every taste, so it is difficult to single out any one dominant style».

Jennifer Phelps is the winner of the Indiana fashion Week design competition, whose jury included fern Mallis, the Creator of modern fashion Week in new York. As a particularly bright designer working in the Japanese style, the magazine noted Jennifer on its pages, and also took the collection to the Moscow show on the occasion of the presentation of the new York issue of the magazine. According to the editorial Board of the magazine, it was decided that the brand «Tokyo Twiggy» will suit the image of the wizard as creating the image of anime in reality as part of the creative investigation.