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Fashion has no borders - fashion magazine

The publication is attended not only by famous representatives of these areas of self-realization, but also by those who are just starting their way to the Artistic Olympus. Our magazine aims to reveal the creative potential of all of them, as well as to convey to the reader the diversity and breadth of the international fashion space. This space is single, attractive, and catchy and has neither linguistic, nor cultural barriers.

The subject of the issue is the New York high fashion style and standard. New York City is the city of different nationalities and cultures, it is full of freedom and reckless, it breathes fashion and loves art.

The New York style is uniqueness, the platform of self-expression and internationalism, with no creative limits… New York is one of the world fashion capitals, dictating the standard and quality of high fashion.

Therefore, this issue is dedicated not only and not so much to New York—the New York Fashion Week designers, representatives of the fashion industry, and everyone who loves this city, but also to those new and already implemented in the industry trends in fashion, art, and self-expression, which represent «New York-like quality».

In the issue, we are asking our guests some questions, including how they see the New York style, what American fashion means to them, and if there is a difference between American fashion standards and their European brothers.

The issue is bilingual. Each article is published both in English and Russian, the main languages of two powerful countries of the opposite continents.